Naturally Beautiful Quick Decoration


3 white/cream candles

Selection of nuts in their shells, dried orange slices, physallis, cranberries, bay leaves etc

Gold leaf (optional)

Glue gun or tube of glue

1 x 4mm thin 5” cake board

Length of raffia

Naturally Beautiful Quick Decoration


  1. With a sharp knife, cut the candles into three staggered lengths. Using the glue gun (this does make it very easy, but you can use a tube of glue with patience!) stick the candles onto the small cake board, then, with more glue, add overlapping orange slices and the other decorations. (If you like, you can gild the physallis with a little gold leaf - just pull back the dry leaves from the berries and press them gently onto the gold leaf - they will ‘pick it up’ easily).
  2. Position the decoration in the centre of the cake. Add a little ‘sausage’ of marzipan to cover the edge of the board.
  3. Tie raffia round the outside of the cake in a knot, and trim stray strands as necessary with scissors.