Home Baking with Jane Asher Flan Tin


A great size and shape for making sweet and savoury flans. From a classic lemon meringue pie to a beautiful fresh fruit flan there are hundreds of delicious recipes for this versatile tin, whether you use it for pre-baked flan shells or to fill first and then bake.

To bake blind (empty), simply prick the bottom of the raw pastry shell with a fork a few times, line with baking paper and fill with baking beans - if you don’t have any you can use some cutlery or anything oven proof to keep the bottom of the flan from puffing up. In this way, if you keep a few packs of my pastry mix at hand and some tinned fruit and custard you can put a quick pud together in no time…

Available now in selected Home Bargains stores, while stocks last.