Home Baking with Jane Asher Carrot Cake Mix


All the mixes in my range follow my own recipes, and the results are just the way I make them at home. Carrot cake is a bit time consuming to make from scratch and this easy mix is quick and gives a fantastic result. Keep a few packs in the cupboard to be ready for unexpected visitors on the horizon…

You could even try something new with my Fruity Carrot Cake recipe here

Available now in selected Home Bargains stores, while stocks last.

Q. Hi Jane, can you freeze the cakes and for how long? - Doris A. Yes of course you can: any of the cakes made with my mixes will freeze well. Just let them get completely cold then wrap them tightly in several layers of baking paper and silver foil, label them and pop them in the freezer. I’d recommend not more than 3 months – they’ll be perfectly safe for another month or so after that, but won’t taste as fresh. You could even ice them before freezing (but not with roll out icing – only buttercream or frosting) but ideally I’d freeze them plain and ice them the day you want to eat them. Allow to thaw, unwrapped, at room temperature. Love Jane x