4 February 2020

There are some months when a theme for a something baked is pretty obvious, and in February of course Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for making a romantic cake. I must have baked dozens over the years, with themes ranging from the soppy to the silly, with a few sexy or funny ones along the way.

For this one I decided to have a bit of fun with a cutter, and I’ve used the idea of losing your heart to someone to design a cake with a heart-shaped hole in it, and then used the heart-shaped section I took out to make a separate little cake for just one or two to share.

So I’m not quite sure how these will be eaten: if you’re having any kind of party or celebration then there’ll be no problem - or if you’re so fond of chocolate cake that it’ll get eaten by the two of you over the week or so after the 14th. (Chocolate cake always lasts longer than plain sponge and if you use my chocolate frosting rather than a fresh-butter one then it’s perfectly edible for at least that long).

Either way, I hope if you or anyone close to you HAS lost their heart to someone, that it’s reciprocated and that a beautiful relationship will emerge. Or, that at least a little tragic pining and suffering will soon be over and that you can move on to find your true love before too long. Then maybe we can celebrate by next year with a beautiful Valentine cake that’s two hearts deeply entwined….

I’m adding a picture of another little Valentine’s cake that I made a couple of years ago: it’s a pun on ‘Be Mine’, as you’ll see - adding another ‘E’ to the inscription and a little honey to the mix to make it ‘Bee Mine, Honey’… Perfect for a cute little cake for the two of you, with spare cake batter left over to make a few cupcakes. I added a tablespoon of honey to one of my plain sponge cake mixes to make the taste fit the inscription, and moulded a few bees out of yellow roll-out icing, then added details with a little melted chocolate. Rice paper made good little wings.

I Lost My Heart Recipe


You will need: 2 x 18-20cm sandwich tins 1 heart-shaped cutter (about 9cm across widest part)


Make up and bake the cake mix as directed on the packet. Allow to cool completely, then mark and cut out a heart-shaped hole in both layers, using the cutter and a sharp knife.

I found it easiest to cut each layer separately, making sure that the holes would be exactly above one another when the cake was sandwiched together.

Keeping back a little to thinly cover and fill the small, heart-shaped cake, cover the large cake with chocolate frosting, easing the frosting down over the sides of the hole with a small knife.

Set aside. Fill and cover the little heart-shaped cake with the remaining frosting - using only a thin layer, as this will be covered with the pink icing.

Put the little cake into the freezer for 10 minutes or so to firm up. Meanwhile, knead and roll out about two thirds of the roll-out icing on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar. Once the little cake is firm enough, drape the pink icing over it and shape it with your hands, trimming as necessary.

Pipe ‘I lost my heart’ onto the large cake with white icing, and pipe ‘To you’ onto the smaller one with the red. Add a few dots and a ‘snail’s trail’ around the bottom.