16 December 2019

Hi - I said I’d be back with a more traditional Christmas Cake recipe to add to the Snowman one I gave you a couple of weeks ago, and here it is. I’m sorry it’s only 9 days before the great day, but with two new little grandchildren in the family (and several December birthdays, including two of my children’s - very bad timing) things have been a bit hectic and I’m really only thinking about Christmas at the last minute.

If you’ve been having a look at the recipes on the site you may have come across the fruit cake recipe already, but as this is the perfect time to make it (for those of us who haven’t baked the festive cake before now!) I thought I’d point it out to you, and also suggest an alternative way of decorating it for those who don’t like icing.

I’ve called it ‘Quick Mix Christmas Cake’, and it’s also ideal for a Last Minute Cake, as the ready soaked fruit will give it a far more mature taste than one made with dry fruit: more like one that’s had to sit around for a few weeks before you eat it. If you can get to a Home Bargains store I do thoroughly recommend the brandy-soaked fruit in my range in any case, as it is absolutely delicious and makes fabulous mince pies or fruity flans as well as cakes. I also, of course, think the sponge mix is the best you can find - after loads of trying out different recipes I think the one we’ve come up with is the closest you’ll get to a made from scratch one, and I always use it at home now.

Have a great Christmas and I much look forward to being back with a blog in the New Year - there are lots of lovely new products coming out then, and I’ll point you in the direction of my favourites.

Love Jane

Click here to view the recipe for my Quick Mix Christmas Cake.

To decorate the Christmas cake, try my Naturally Beautiful Decorating recipe here.