Hi - welcome to my Home Bargains website.

On here you’ll find details of some of the products in my range at Home Bargains which can all be bought in store (and some online). The range includes pretty much everything you’ll need for baking - including mixes as well as equipment, decorations and so on and I’m very proud of all of it. I work together with the wonderful buying team to find the best of everything, at the best possible prices, and test it all extensively before I’m happy for it to be part of the range under my name. There’s also a monthly blog and recipe on here, and a section where all the previous recipes (and a lot more) can be found. Plus Tips and answers to some of the questions that you send me, so do take a look.

At Home Bargains we were all taken by surprise at the huge success of the Baking Box that we put together online during the recent lockdown, to help people out during the time when flour, yeast and so on was so impossible to get hold of. It’s interesting that so many people have turned to home baking during this horrible pandemic: it’s partly, I’m sure, because of course we’ve all been staying at home as much as we could and cooking for ourselves more rather than buying ready-made cakes and so on, but I think there’s more to it than that. Home baking is satisfying and rewarding in many ways: it’s something we can do that’s controllable and achievable, at a time when we all naturally feel out of control and unable to do anything to bring our lives back to what they were, and it’s comforting and reassuring to be able to put treats on the table for the family that we’ve made ourselves. It’s also such a pleasure to bake with children; to begin to teach them the magic of science through something as simple and enjoyable as baking cupcakes or scones. I hope many of those who have been baking for the first time will have discovered what fun it can be, and that many children have learnt the beginnings of an interest in cooking at home which will lead them on to a lifetime love of good food.

You can order some of my easy mixes on the website - online they come in boxes of up to 7, but they keep for ages and it’s very useful to have pastry, crumble, sponge and other things in the cupboard. If you can’t find them it just means they are sold out, but the stock is being replenished as soon as possible, so do keep checking back.

Keep safe and well and look after yourselves, and do let me know if you have any comments or thoughts or would like me to give you a particular recipe.

Love Jane x

Hi! I’m writing this as the sun is shining and there are daffodils and the occasional crocus out and about when I venture outside for the allocated exercise break… This will be a very short blog today: so short it’s more like a postcard (especially as all I’ve mentioned is the weather and a bit of nature – just the sort of fascinating information that I used to write home on the obligatory postcard when I was away from home as a child).
✓ Sent! Thank you!